Registration Terms

Registrations are NON-REFUNDABLE unless we cancel a race prior to the week of the race (i.e. because of a reason that allows us to cancel before most expenses have been incurred). Generally this will result in a postponement, not an outright cancellation of the event. If an event is postponed, racers will default to the new race date but be allowed to transfer to another race free of charge or get a refund.

If weather events on race day cause a change or cancellation, no refunds will be made. All expenses have been incurred at that point, so it is just like the race occurred. However, I’ve organized over 300 events and have never had weather cause a change or cancellation on race day, though it is a possibility.

If events the week of the race, but prior to race day cause the event to be postponed, then all racers will be automatically registered for the new race date, but will have the option to take full race credit for the amount they paid to use towards any future event. No refunds will be made.

You can transfer between the different races at the event (i.e. triathlon to duathlon, International to Sprint) at any time easily by just logging into your account and making the change. See link and video below for help. You will have to pay any difference between the races if the new race is more expensive, but, sorry, no refunds are given for downgrading.

By default, registrations are non-transferrable. However, if you can’t make the race for any reason, many of our races offer various easy transfer options. These are not guaranteed. Some races may not offer transfers and transfer options may be eliminated or expire weeks before the race.

To take advantage of the transfer options that are available just log into your account and select the transfer option you like. Many races allow you to take race credit for your registration fee minus any transfer fee and that credit will automatically be applied next time you register for any Integrity Multisport™ event.

We have by far the most generous policies in the industry. We cannot issue refunds if you cannot make the race.

CLICK HERE to log into your registration account.

​If you need assistance in creating an account, click on the links below for a quick how to video:

CLICK HERE for an easy how-to video on creating a registration account.

CLICK HERE for a video over-view on changing your race (triathlon to duathlon, or aquabike, etc.).

CLICK HERE for a video over-view on taking race credit to use at a future event.

CLICK HERE for a video over-view on changing your personal information (name, birthdate, etc..)

​Please don’t sell your race number to another athlete. There is no need as we have very flexible transfer options. If that person gets hurt, it jeopardizes our insurance policy and puts you at risk for being sued. If caught, both you and the other person will be barred from participating in any USAT sanctioned event for one year. 

​Event Postponement/Cancellation Policy:

If any race is postponed or canceled prior to race day (weather events on race day are excluded), you have a choice:

  1. Stay in the event on its new date – default choice.
  2. Full Race Credit towards ANY Integrity Multisport event.