Welcome to Integrity Multisport™!

Robert and Mercedes Childers are proud to bring you Integrity Multisport™ with all of your favorite events at all of your favorite venues! We have a combined 24 years of race organization experience, have managed over 360 individual events on over 200 unique race dates and served over 83,000 race participants.

Why Integrity Multisport™?

We chose the name to signify what we think is important in both business and life in general. It is during tough times, like we are going through now, that you get the true measure of a person. Do they step up and follow through on their agreements or do they take your money and disappear, not returning your emails and phone calls? Do they try to blame someone else?


  • We will communicate with you in a timely manner and address your concerns to the fullest extent.
  • We will have regular newsletters (weekly is our goal) to keep you up to date, and always respond to your emails.
  • When we accept your money, we will give you a race in return or a full refund.
  • Pre-payment of registrations and sponsorships will be kept safely and unused until the corresponding event occurs and all suppliers have been paid. If no money is left over, then we don’t get paid. We don’t take salaries.
  • We will abide by all of our sponsorship and supplier agreements.
  • We will never take registrations for an event that has had the permit cancelled.
  • Our handshake is as good as a personally guaranteed written contract.

We have a combined 24 years of race organization experience, have managed over 360 individual events on over 200 unique race dates and served over 83,000 race participants. Not once in that time did I think we needed to specify the pledges above because that is just what people with Integrity do. In all of that time, we ALWAYS followed through on ALL of our commitments to athletes, sponsors, and suppliers.

We are planning a full slate of events for 2021 at all of your favorite venues and are hopeful that we will have a full 2021 schedule. We will keep you posted as venues give us the go ahead and we open registration.

Before you register for any events in the future, you need to know who is organizing the event. If you aren’t sure who is behind the event or if they don't have the experience or reputation that Mercedes and I have, then DO NOT REGISTER! When planning your race calendar for 2021, remember to “Race with Integrity!™”, Integrity Multisport™ that is.

As always, we welcome your feedback as our goal is to provide you with the best customer experience possible.

Here is our TENTATIVE 2021 schedule. Obviously, COVID-19 can still change anything and some permitting agencies are not even accepting permit applications yet. Consider this a guide only:

Date Race Location
3/7/21 Sprint & Olympic Triathlon, Duathlon Fort Lauderdale Beach
4/3/21 Sprint Triathlon, Duathlon Broward County Park
4/11/21 Half Marathon Key Biscayne
4/18/21 Sprint & Olympic Triathlon, Duathlon Miami Beach
5/16/21 Sprint & Olympic Triathlon, Duathlon Key Biscayne
5/29/21 Sprint & Olympic Triathlon, Duathlon Siesta Key
6/13/21 Sprint & International Triathlon, Duathlon Key Biscayne
6/27/21 Sprint & International Triathlon, Duathlon Fort DeSoto
7/4/21 Sprint Triathlon, Duathlon Tradewinds Park
7/25/21 Sprint & International Triathlon, Duathlon Key Biscayne
8/14/21 Sprint & International Triathlon, Duathlon Fort DeSoto
8/22/21 Sprint & International Triathlon, Duathlon Key Biscayne
9/11/21 Sprint & International Triathlon, Duathlon Fort DeSoto
9/19/21 Sprint & International Triathlon, Duathlon Key Biscayne
10/9/21 Marathon & Half Marathon Key West
11/14/21 Half Iron & International Triathlon Miami
12/4/21 Sprint & International Triathlon, Duathlon Key West
Years of Race Organization Experience
Unique Event Dates Managed
Individual Races Organized
Race Participants Served

What Customers Say?

Hi Rob & Mercedes, it is great to hear you are back in the game!!! Much success to of you. You always operated a top-flight operation, and I know that will continue!! - Tom Drum

It was never the same after you left Multirace. After rarely racing since 2012, I am excited and pumped up to make my return to racing with Integrity Multisport! - Tracy Towle Humphrey

Congratulation! Welcome back you guys have been so missed in the industry! - Melinda Zarzycki- Harris

I’m so glad you guys are back. You’ve been missed!! - Rubén García Jr.

Love it. Look forward to that schedule. - David Walsh

Behind you 100% Bob and Mercedes! I remember you from the onset of Miamiman, and how well you took care of the athletes, your direct and prompt actions when the race was postponed because of a hurricane. I raced that year and for years after because of the quality of the Multirace name back then. Looking forward to participating in your future events! Congratulations on Integrity Multisport, a most fitting name! - Pat Ruff

Congratulations Rob, so happy for you and Mercedes' new venture, Integrity Multisport! - Lisa Dorfman

Congratulations to you and Mercedes!!! Wishing you the best!! - Renee Grant, Runner's Depot

Now we’re talking! Looking forward to racing in 2021 :) - Tito Gil

Welcome back Rob and Mercedes!! Looking forward to your races in 2021! - Nancy Gribble

Happy to hear about this. - Joshua Strickon

Thank God you are back, since they took over Multirace just went to hell. You could tell they were cutting back , eliminating races to increase profits so I for one am super happy you are back. Being from the Charlotte county area I love Siesta Key and Ft DeSoto races but I also love Tradewinds and many of the others on the other coast. Welcome back, cannot wait to get to racing with you! - Kenneth Varner

Welcome back - Joner Strauss

I enjoyed your races and always felt they were well run. I’m glad to see someone with integrity coming back to the sport. Integrity seems to be lacking not just in the triathlon community but the world in general these days. I miss the days when a person’s word and handshake meant something and people had honor. I wish you the best of luck in your return and look forward to being a participant in your races once more. - Julie Knight

I wish you success in your return! - Gabriel Jafet

Rob! You and Mercedes had always delivered quality races and we are glad to see you are coming back! Multirace was not the same after you sold it. Congratulations and wishing you both well on this never endeavor! - Rick & Mary-Ellen Anton Coles

Thanks for stepping up! - Brian Moore

I'm a huge fan and I thank you for your efforts. I truly hope you get the support you deserve! I'll also pass the word on...Cheers! - Rick Cope

I'm glad to see you're back. Best of luck. - J. Mirabent

Congratulations to you. I will look forward to racing with your new company. In HIS grip, Pastor Alan Bosmeny

Rob and Mercedes, Thank you for stepping up and stepping in to provide these events to our triathlon community. Looking forward to great racing in the years to come. - Jon Ellison

As you can imagine people are pretty excited about your announcement. I had about 5 people forward the message to me in about as many minutes. - Amy Stone

Very Nice and I wish you much success! - Lisa Holland

I have been doing events that you have conducted for many years. Good luck in your new venture. - Ken Scherer

Thank you sooo much!! Looking forward to seeing you in all of the upcoming races. - Karla Rooks

Congratulations Rob! - John Jones

Super !!! glad I see it happening finally !!! thanks for coming back !!!!!!!!!!! count me in!!! - J. Antorena