Q. What is USA Triathlon?
A. USA Triathlon (USAT) is the National Governing Body for triathlon and duathlon. USA Triathlon sanctions events, picks national, world and Olympic teams; trains and hires officials; promotes the sport, etc. To learn more about USA Triathlon and the official rules visit

Q. What is meant by “Sanctioned by USA Triathlon”?
A. The USAT sanctioning process ensures that each event has agreed to take the outlined steps to ensure a safe and fair race. In turn, this allows USAT athletes to compete in quality events and potentially become a nationally ranked athlete.

Q. I put my USAT number on the registration form. Do I still need to bring my membership card to check-in?
A. Yes! Even though we may have your USAT number on file, we still must see proof of current membership at check-in. Your USAT number does not indicate your membership status. If you do not bring proof of membership to check-in, you will be required to purchase a one-day license in order to compete.

Q. What if I lost my card, or recently joined USAT and have not received my card?
A. Visit the USA Triathlon website at for details on how to obtain a replacement card or temporary proof of membership.

Q. What about relay teams? Do all relay team members need a USAT license?
A. Yes, each and every member of a relay team either needs an annual license or to pay the one-day fee. The primary benefit is insurance and that is for each individual, not the team as a whole.

Q. Which Age group will I race in on race day?
A. The age that you will be in the calendar year is the age group you will race in all year. Ex: If you are 39 on race day and 40 on Dec. 31st of that year, you will race in the 40-44 age group for that event. This is the method that the USAT uses in the final ranking system.

Q. Do I Need Race Insurance?
A. Yes. In accordance with USA Triathlon requirements all competitors at all USAT sanctioned events must have a USAT license. To obtain a license, which is $50.00 annually, visit their website at: You may also purchase your one day license at packet pick-up for $15.00 per person. USAT members must present their current membership card at packet pick-up, or they will be required to purchase a one day license. You may apply the $15.00 you pay for a one day license to the $50.00 annual fee if you send in a copy of a cancelled check and/or the receipt from the one day license.